Advertising via SMS and Viber

SMS and Viber advertising enables your message to reach your potential and existing clients - always and in no time.

Advertising via SMS and Viber

Direct marketing is one of the most efficient instrument of advertising, which enables a direct communication to your potential and existing customers. Your customers spend a lot of time using their mobile phones and your message will be an incoming SMS or Viber message.

Implementation of SMS and Viber marketing strategy will improve your business and elevate it to a higher level given that it:

  • Enables personal (direct) communicating to clients
  • Transfers information and the message ALWAYS reaches its recipient
  • Enables efficient contact with new and old clients
  • Maximizes efficiency - relation between investment and return of investment
  • Breathes new life into your printed media campaigns and/or direct mail. 


SMS Manager

SMS Manager application will allow you to advertise your business eficiently by means of SMS messages. Using our strong server and application you can send an SMS message to great number of your users simply and efficiently. The application used for sending messages is free of charge. You will only pay for SMS messages that you send and they can be bought as a credit according to the valid pricelist. Service is available online and it is accessible from any location and any computer. The messages can be sent to numbers of both domestic and foreign mobile operators. 

The service includes:

  • Sending messages from phonebook or your files
  • Creating address book and number groups
  • Sending messages directly from Excel program
  • Message status report
  • Message personalization using client’s name and surname
  • Configuring the content in the sender field
  • Verifying the numbers (if they are active or not)
  • Possibility of delayed, planned ahead sending

Contact us! We will help you to configure and generate efficient SMS and Viber campaigns.