Web Shop Development

NB SOFT has extensive experience not only in web shop development but in managing the eCommerce business process in total and resolving problems that arise through the management of the online shop.

Web Shop Development

The result of our efforts in the past ten years is the NB SHOP platform, a comprehensive eCommerce management platform. To find out more about our platform, please visit our website: www.nbshop.rs.

The importance of eCommerce has been constantly growing throughout the years and will continue to grow in the future. An online store should be as important as any other store, and even more so, considering its accessibility on the global market, its availability at all times, and in different places. 

NB SOFT has extensive experience not only in web shop development but also in managing the whole eCommerce business process and resolving problems that arise through the management of the online shop. 

If you want to entrust your business to an experienced team, contact us, and schedule an appointment with our expert team.

Depending on the needs of your business, NB SOFT offers a variety of packages for web shop development, from basic to more complex versions:
  • NB SHOP platform with already prepared graphic solution from NB SOFT catalog

  • NB SHOP platform with upgraded graphic solution from NB SOFT catalog

  • NB SHOP platform and unique design adjusted according to your needs

  • Integration of ERP business system and NB SHOP platform; if you already have your product inventory, we can easily integrate it with the website and enable you to manage and update your product inventory and price list on your website by means of  ERP system

  • Integration of NB SHOP platform with courier services in order to simplify order processing and to speed up delivery to your customers 

  • Integration of NB SHOP platform with banks, an automated connection of transactions, pairing payments with corresponding orders, order status tracking, etc. 


Maintaining the online store is a delicate business which requires people of expertise. We are ready to involve in long term cooperation and to enhance your business and improve sales. Let us help you grow your business and contact us to schedule an appointment!

Some of the options provided by NB SHOP solution are listed below:

  • Simplified work with products, entry, update, defining of the price list

  • User management

  • Information protection and user safety

  • Defining of promotions, creating tickets containing the promotional codes

  • A simple overview of orders and order management

  • Defining courier services

  • Defining payment methods

  • Defining and import of suppliers

  • Creating invoices/bills and bookkeeping preparations

  • Numerous reports modules (the most popular products, the most popular product groups, top buyers, average monthly sales, etc.)

  • Integrating platform with Google analytics system for monitoring conversions and shop solutions; Innovative customers analysis and statistics 

  • Integrations with social media networks

  • SEO friendly architecture and application code

  • Managing a blog or a magazine within the web shop solution

  • Convenient image management simply by dragging and dropping an image from the local computer

  • Enhanced search and filtering by many filter options

  • Intuitive design

  • The platform is available in many languages. Multilingual modul.

  • Work with multiple currencies, countries, and different tax amounts, etc.

  • Connecting to NBS in order to import the changes in RSD value

  • Managing the users of the system, creating and assigning different roles, direct configuring access to users and user groups via panel. 

And many other options...