Meet the team that takes care of your business

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Meet the team that takes care of your business

Here's what NB SOFT team said about their part in your business:

“Believe in what you do and it will happen. As a professional, your goal must be to be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today.”

Founder & CEO

01 Aleksandar Nastevski
02 Founder & CEO
03 Senior PHP Developer
04 System Architect
05 Transfer offline solutions online
06 To be better today than you were yesterday
07 Loves skiing

Solving our clients’ problems is a challenge for us. A job well done reflects in the satisfaction of our clients and their employees during operative utilization of our platform.
Back-end Team

01 Bojan Simic
02 Senior PHP Developer
03 Back-end Team Lead
04 10 years of experience
05 Development of progressive solutions
06 Every problem has a solution
07 Loves plane tracking

Since the very first day of NB Soft, he has been engaged in development and improvement of NB SHOP platform. While focused on spreading high spirits in the team, his main objective is to provide impeccable service to the clients and as simple purchase as possible to their customers by following the global trends.
Front-end Team

01 Jovan Cvetkovic
02 Senior Front-end Developer
03 Front-end Team Lead
04 8 years of experience
05 Mobile-first Approach
06 Everything can be improved
07 Passionate gamer

Every new client’s request is a new challenge.  Great communication with our clients combined with extensive work experience results in effective and long term solutions.

01 Marijana Marinkovic
02 Graphics and Web Designer
03 6 years of experience
04 3 years of experience in UX and UI
05 Appealing and efficient visual solution
06 The design is how it works
07 Loves creativity

NB SHOP platform provides compact eCommerce solutions. As an integral part of NB SHOP, design must answer clients’ expectations and it makes applications enjoyable to use. My goal is to create high quality functional design, which can be utilized in practice and makes interaction between user and platform easy.

01 Tamara Bozic
02 Digital Marketing Manager
03 5 years in Marketing
04 Certified Google Ads Professional
05 eCommerce digital marketing
06 Think like a customer
07 A dog person, loves hanging out by the river

NB SHOP platform is recognized as a high quality, stable, long term solution by many companies, both eCommerce novels and those who want to improve existing online business.  With innovation, teamwork and Think Outside The Box approach as a crucial part of company culture, NB SOFT is ready to meet every demand and overcome all challenges.
Back-end Team

01 Jovan Stojic
02 Web Developer
03 In IT world since 2010
04 Back-end Team Member
05 Persistence, will and faith – trio for success
06 Loves challenges and satisfied clients
07 The one with nature

Our goal is to enable our clients to manage online sales rapidly and productively. My greatest contribution is based on integrations and implementation of our system and systems used by our clients. I do my best every day to improve our platform and help clients so that we can achieve our objectives together!
Back-end Team

01 Blagoje Nastevski
02 PHP Programmer
03 Back-end Team Member
04 4 years of experience
05 Development and implementation
06 There are no problems, only challenges
07 Likes sports, especially football

Following world trends and modern technologies, NB SHOP platform provides quick, simple and reliable online shopping to its customers. NB SHOP is integrated with numerous business systems, courier services and online payment systems which ensures business flexibility and contributes to pleasing the clients’ highest criteria.
eCommerce Support

01 Dejan Mitevski
02 eCommerce Specialist - Team Lead
03 15 years of experience
04 Customer Support
05 Web shop administration
06 Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in
07 Loves nature and family walks

I provide support to our clients when it comes to configuring new web shops and maintaining the existing ones. Their positive feedback and satisfaction is our greatest motive to work and develop NB SHOP even more. Their satisfaction is the best portrayal of our efforts and they are our best advocates. 

01  Marko Cvijić
02  Digital Marketing Director
03  From SEO to PPC, email and ABM
04  15+ years of work experience
05  Organizing processes for more effective digital campaigns
06  Loves to cook, mostly Mediterranean cuisine

I have been working with NB SOFT since the very beginning of the company. From 2022. I'm working in-house on the improvement of processes in digital campaigns and the maximum strengthening of the NB SHOP platform from the technical SEO aspect. The focus is on maximizing sales for clients using state-of-the-art digital campaigns.
Back-end Team

01 Zoran Djokovic
02 Back-end Team Member
03 10 years of experience
04 Optimizing progressive solutions
05 Enjoys both Back-End and Front-end development
06 Everything must load in 3 seconds
07 If he is not coding, he is on two wheels

My primary role in NB SHOP is platform development and optimization. My goal is to lead the customer to desired products as easy as possible and to present the vendor in its best possible light to their customers.
Front-end Team

01 Sanja Matejic
02 Junior Front-end Programmer
03 Front-end Team Member
04 2 years of experience
05 Front-end projects production
06 Team work makes the dream work
07 Likes sports and hanging out in nature

My personal aspiration is to educate myself, improve my knowledge and to research new technologies and to use obtained knowledge to make improvements in NB SHOP platform.
Android / iOS

01 Srdjan Djukanovic
02 Android/ iOS programmer
03 Mobile Developers Team
04 Native React
05 Mobile app development
06 Always try to be better
07 Loves sports, motorbikes and travels

My job is to transfer and adjust design and functionalities from websites to mobile applications aiming to provide excellence in terms of user experience to our clients.
Front-end Team

01 Nevena Jovanovic
02 Front-end Programmer
03 Front-end Team Member
04 3 years of experience
05 Production and platform maintenance
06 Your only limit is your mind
07 Loves music and travelling

My contribution to NB SHOP platform is coding visual elements used for interaction with the website. Adjustments in design and its transfer to the website is one of my main tasks as a front-end team member, as well as optimization and visibility of the website on different browsers and devices, giving our customers the best user experience.
Back-end Team

01 Milos Ilic
02 Junior PHP Programmer
03 Back-end Team Member
04 2 years of experience
05 Optimization and development of new solutions
06 Create your future
07 Loves books, TV shows and football

As a member of the back-end team, I take part in integration of NB SHOP platform with ERP systems, payment systems and courier services. In addition to that, I work on development and optimizing NB SHOP platform, as well as on development of exceptional solutions for our clients.
Back-end Team

01 Stefan Stojanovic
02 Junior PHP Programmer
03 Back-end Team Member
04 Platform Administration
05 Development of new modules
06 Where there's a will there's a way
07 Loves movies and tv shows

NB SHOP platform provides solutions that improve online businesses of many companies. Every member of NB SOFT team gives his best to make the work on the platform efficient and rapid.

01 Olivera Nastevska
02 Administration and finances 
03 6 years in finance field
04 Experienced in digital journalism 
05 The one taking care of the bills
06 ...with her that one piece of paper is never missing! 
07 Loves birds, books, summer and the sea

Though indirectly, she gives a great contribution to NB SHOP platform, by supporting her colleagues and making their work environment pleasant and their days enjoyable. She doesn’t know how NB SHOP platform works, but she knows that the users of the platform are always satisfied.

01 Jelena Marković
02 Digital and Content team member
03 Bachelor degree in organizational sciences
04 Digital marketing and copywriting
05 Customer Support 
06 Organization is the key to success
07 Volleyball player who loves travelling

What motivates us to be better in what we do and to constantly improve NB SHOP platform are our satisfied clients and successfully resolved daily challenges. In this way, we provide the latest solutions in the eCommerce.
Content & Implementation

01 Zeljka Stanisic
02 Master Engineer of Organizational Sciences
03 Content & Implementation Specialist
04 5 years of customer experience
05 Implementation of website content
06 Do not seek flaws, seek solutions. 
07 Loves traveling and shopping

The pleasant experience of our end-users and the prevalence of our e-commerce solutions come as a result of the hard work of our team. I play the part of introducing our clients to the features within the NB SHOP platform and to illustrate their impact on our clients’ sales.
eCommerce Support

01 Tanja Gajic
02 eCommerce Specialist
03 Electrical and computer science engineer
04 Customer support
05 Web Shop Administration
06 The biggest failure you can have in life is not trying at all
07 Loves travelling 

My goal is to provide support and help to our clients when they are using NB SHOP platform and to guide them in order to make the most of our platform and to optimize the online sale process. 
Back-end Team

01 Uros Vasiljevic
02 Junior PHP Programmer
03 Back-end Team Member
04 Newbie in IT world
05 Development of new modules
06 A rolling stone gathers no moss.
07 Loves music and sports, dog person

NB SOFT team gathers a team of professionals who positioned NB SHOP at the very top in the e-commerce category in this region. By working on the development of new modules, I contribute to the improvement of the platform.
Content & Implementation

01 Ilinka Vukovic
02 MA in eBusiness and System Management
03 Project Manager
04 More than 10 years of relevant experience
05 Managing e-activities from A to Z
06 Deadlines are there to be met 
07 Loves interior design

Successful projects start with high-quality information. The accurate analysis combined with systematic project planning is halfway through success. This allows our team to meet the requirements of our clients and to manage the resources of a successful and long-lasting online store, both for small retailers or web stores offering thousands of products. 
Back-end Team

01 Jovana Milosavljevic
02 Junior PHP Programmer
03 Back-end team member
04 Newcomer in the IT world
05 Development of new solutions
06 Great desire is the first thing we need to succeed. 
07 Loves dancing, books, and traveling

By improving myself professionally within the NB SOFT team, I strive to contribute to the development of new solutions and to retain the high rank of the NB SHOP platform in the scope of E-commerce.
Back-end Team

01 Rea Moljkovic
02 Junior PHP Programmer
03 Back-end team member
04 Novice in IT 
05 Development of new modules
06 There is no growth within the comfort zone. 
07 Loves sea, nature, and traveling

Our task as a team is to justify the trust of the clients choosing the NB SHOP eCommerce platform. As a leader in the domestic market, we strive every day to accommodate our clients’ needs and to meet the expectations of end-users of our platform. My contribution lays in the development of new modules and various implementations. 
Back-end Team

01 Vladan Jovanovic
02 Junior PHP Programmer
03 Back-end team member  
04 Novice in the IT world
05 Development of new solutions
06 Persistence is a synonym for success
07 Loves sports

Our ultimate goal is the original solution and to help the NB SHOP platform meet our clients’ highest criteria. As a member of the NB SOFT back-end team, I play the part of improving the platform and its features. 
English Language Translator

01 Marija Stojic
02 BA in Arabic language and literature
03 English Language Translator
04 Improving user experience
05 Accuracy as the highest priority
06 Make it simple but make it work
07 Loves mountains, woods, and stargazing

My part in NB SOFT is to make our platform understandable to our English-speaking clients and to provide concise user manuals to the webshop administrators. Besides that, I strive to improve the user experience of the clients using the NB SHOP platform and to make their work on the platform enjoyable.
eCommerce Support

01 Marko Bozovic
02 eCommerce Support Specialist
03 Freshman in the IT world
04 Customer support
05 Webshop Administration
06 The best thing to do for tomorrow is to give your best today.
07 His hobby is music

By keeping up with innovative technologies, I try to learn something new every day. As a part of the NB SOFT team, I strive to contribute to the enhancement of the NB SHOP platform to deliver the best experience in online retailing to our clients.
Back-end Team

01  Katarina Bakić
02  PHP Programmer
03  Back-end Team Member
04  First year in the IT world
05  Development of advanced solutions
06  Happiness is a journey, not a destination
07  Loves dogs, traveling and socializing

Constant development and improvements of the NB SHOP platform are important, especially in our industry. With my knowledge, I strive to contribute to the greatest possible success of our company in the field of eCommerce.

01 Dejan Filipović 
02 Web&Graphic Designer
03 Design Team Member
04 Master of graphic design
05 Development of design solutions
06 The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.
07 Loves illustrations

The goal of the design team, and me as a member of it, is to enhance visual solutions following the client's requirements and improve the interaction between the user and the website.
Back-end Team

01  Luka Ljiljak    
02  PHP Programmer
03  Back-end Team Member
04  First year in the IT world
05  Development of new solutions
06  If you can dream it, you can achieve it
07  Loves sports and socializing

I contribute to the development of the NB SHOP platform - with my efforts and hard work. By following the trends and development of new technologies, I'm making improvements that provide clients with a better user experience.
Administration & Finances

01  Ivana Labudović
02  Administration
03  Correct document - safe and successful business
04  Provides support to employees
05  Systematic and organized
06  Order, work, discipline
07  Enjoys books and long walks

I’m committed to making NB SOFT a pleasant place to work. A place where the best eCommerce solutions are created. My goal is that our community functions smoothly because a happy team leads to satisfied clients.
Android / iOS

01  Sanja Jevđović
02  Android/iOS Programmer
03  Mobile Developers Team
04  First year in the IT world
05  Development of mobile applications
06  Change for the better
07  Loves books, traveling and nature

As the trend of shopping via mobile devices is growing, the development of NB SHOP also implies top service in mobile sales. As a member of the Mobile Developer Team, I contribute to facilitating the use of web stores by developing mobile applications for Android/IOS.
Front-end Team

01  Nemanja Zečević
02  Junior Front-end Programmer
03  Front-end Team Member
04  First year in the IT world
05  Development of new solutions
06  If you never try, you'll never know
07  Loves sports, basketball above all

I’m transferring everything that the design team imagines to the website, intending to meet client requirements and provide users with the best experience in online shopping.
Front-end Team

01  Bogdan Đorđević
02  Junior Front-end Programmer
03  Front-end Team Member
04  First year in the IT world
05  Development of advanced solutions
06  There are no shortcuts to any place worth going
07  Loves sports, music and traveling

The NB SHOP platform represents the best solution for everyone who wants to manage online sales safely and easily. My task is to ensure the adequate appearance and functionality of the website that the client wants, as well as to help my team in the most efficient way possible in performing tasks to achieve the desired goals.
Android / iOS

01  Filip Perenčević
02  Android / iOS Programmer
03  Mobile Developers Team
04  First year in the IT world
05  Development of mobile applications
06  Where there's a will, there's a way
07  Watching series and playing games

In NB SOFT, I'm contributing to the development of applications. I work on meeting the client's requirements and providing users with the best possible experience.
Human Resources

01  Kristina Radosavljević
02  HR menadžer
03  Master in Human Resources
04  Three years of work experience
05  Recruitment, selection and professional growth of employees
06  Today is hard, tommorrow is harder, but the day after tommorow is beautiful.
07  Loves dancing and traveling

My role is to take care of one of the company's most important resources – employees. Also, to enable the right person to be in the right place in NB SOFT. I believe that a positive working atmosphere encourages employees to do their best, so I am working on creating it.
Content & Implementation

01  Stefan Ninić
02  Key Account Manager
03  Content & Implementation
04  MSc Project Manager
05  Project management and communication with clients
06  Setting goals is the first step to accomplishing anything meaningful.
07  Creating his library

Our goal is to make sure clients are satisfied with the NB SHOP platform. As a part of the team, I try to learn something new every day and use that knowledge together with my colleagues to provide clients with guaranteed success in the e-commerce market.
eCommerce Support

01  Danilo Pavlica
02  Web Administrator
03  E-commerce support
04  Professor of English language and literature
05  Webshop Administration & Translation
06  Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts
07  Discovering new places in the city for afternoon coffee with friends

The goal of working at NB SHOP is to improve the experience of our clients. In a pleasant and friendly working atmosphere, I have set myself the task of helping to further improve the already high professional level of working with clients through constant learning and improvement.  
Content & Implementation

01  Ksenija Milosavljević
02  Key Account Manager
03  Content & Implementation
04  Bachelor degree in organizational sciences
05  Project management and communication with clients
06  Good organization is the key to success
07 Loves to shop and travel

In NB SOFT, all goals can be achieved! I strive to improve business and point out the possibilities and functionalities of the NB SHOP platform, in order to deliver a high-quality product to them.
Linux system administrator

01  Miloš Gavrilov
02  Linux System Administrator
03  Back-end Team Member
04  6 years of experience
05  Maintenance of the IT infrastructure
06  Focus on where you want to go, not where you've been
07  Likes basketball, snowboarding and taekwondo

With new technologies and constant improvements, NB SOFT wants to be a leader in the field of eCommerce solutions. As part of the team, I work on maintaining stability and increasing system security.
Front-end Team

01  Katarina Jašović
02  Junior Front-end Programmer
03  Front-end team member
04  Third year in IT, newbie in front-end
05  Developing innovative solutions
06  Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.
07  Loves sea, nature and hanging out with her friends

As a part of NB SOFT team, I strive to enhance my professional skills and therefore contribute to development of NB SHOP platform, alongside my fellow colleagues.